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Art for all

I can never remember not being an "artist". I can never remember not choosing to spend my spare time drawing, painting, creating. I can never remember not feeling blissfully blessed that I was given the desire to create.

I was fortunate. I was reared in a family of creative, artistic family members that encouraged my curiosity and creativitiy. I was never offered art in elementary school. I was chosen by my teachers to help build bullentine boards. I was the creative one.

I believe we are ALL born the creative ones. I believe that we are ALL ARTISTS! Some of us are fortunate enough to disallow society to "squash" our creative genius.

Have you ever watched a three year old paint? They don't question whether they are doing it right or wrong. They don't wonder what other's will think. They are simply enjoying the process of creating! How fun is that?

I desire to get my fun back! I choose to re-invent the creative genius that was born in me. I desire to experience the joy of art!!!

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