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Nurturing your inner artist workshops

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

applying hand painted papers to collage

Believe it or not, there resides an artist within us all. Whether you have been creative all of your life, or haven't picked up a crayon since kindergarten, you can still find art an amazingly therapeutic way to relax and meditate.

Having been an artist all of my life, I have always found "healing" through art. However, I have recently discovered an even more meditative approach - and the results are amazing! Through the application of collage!!!

I first draw my design on panel board, then apply a rough underpainting to follow. Next, using a variety of techniques, hand "paint" multiple papers - brayers, stamping, sponging, rubbing plates etc. Once I have finished - the fun begins. It's almost like working a jigsaw puzzle - I tear and match my paper to mimic my brush strokes. Trust me on this - you'll meditate without even realizing it!!! An extremely zen-ful approach to making art!!!!!

Workshops available.

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