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Thank you for your interest in Raleigh Art Studio and visiting my site!  Glad you are here.  I'm Corneille Little and have been an artist forever!  It is my passion, my "why".  However, I am also passionate about sharing my knowledge, skills and talents with others, which is why I have been teaching art for over 20 years!  I love what I do which is why you will love what you do in my Raleigh Art Studio!  My teaching style is gentle and easy, we refer to my classes as the least expensive therapy in the Triangle Area!!! No experience necessary - all levels of artists are welcome!!!!!!    I hope to see you soon. - Corneille

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Painted papers collage workshop

My Story

I am a Raleigh native, that relocated to S. Florida for a bit too long.  However, it was there that I discovered my passion for teaching!!!!!  I returned to Raleigh in 2010, and that is when Raleigh Art Studio came to fruition.  I love what I do!

UNC- Chapel Hill alumna - yay - where I majored in Art Education - but was side tracked for about 25 years.   In Florida, I was a scuba diving instructor, boat captain and dive store owner.  It was a wonderful chapter, and where I discovered my love of sharing my knowledge with others.  

I began my love for drawing in elementary school - and knew that one day it would be what was to become my "career".  Raleigh Art Studio opened in my basement in 2012, and since has moved to my "studio" attached to my home.  I hope that if you are interested in improving your artistic skills,  sharing painting experiences with other "artists", or choosing to re-discover your inner artist - that you come for a visit!  Everyone is born an artist, it's a lucky few that keep that artist child alive!!!!  I honestly believe that there is a creative genius in all of us, but somewhere during this game we call life, we too often lose it, our confidence in our ability to think and do creatively.  I invite you to join me at Raleigh Art Studio (regardless of age or skill level) and rediscover YOUR given talents!  Trust me, that sweet little artist is still there - just itching to be released!!!  


Reach out to me with any questions you may have.  Creatively yours, Corneille

(919) 758-9182

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